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Legislative & Government Relations


No sales tax on boats in Rhode Island is widely considered RIMTA’s signature legislative achievement. Although that regulation was put on the books over 20 years ago, RIMTA’s Legislative Committee is always on watch–keeping lawmakers educated about the marine industry and its impact on the state’s economy so favorable legislation stays in place, and staying abreast of new legislation that can impact the marine trades.

RIMTA is a lead player in fighting for legislation that has eliminated the Rhode Island sales and use taxes on new and used boats, as well as on equipment installed on those boats at the time of sale. This legislation benefits every boat dealer, broker, and charter company in the state, helps protect jobs, and impacts all those who conduct business with locally purchased boats.

RIMTA also helped remove the personal property tax that towns levied on boats kept in Rhode Island more than six months of the year, and the state is perceived as boater-friendly to nonresidents. This has meant more business for marine equipment vendors, repair services, hotels, and restaurants.

RIMTA staff and Board members work closely with our lobbying firm to develop a proactive agenda of initiatives for each legislative session. These initiatives are geared to improve administration relations, defeat negative legislation, and minimize the impact of taxes and regulations. RIMTA is a member of the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), which represents recreational marine interests on a national level.

For more information on RIMTA’s legislative initiatives and to make a contribution to RIMTA’s PAC, contact xxxx.

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