Composites Alliance of Rhode Island | Industry Sectors
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Industry Sectors

Composites are used in a wide range of industries–but in several business sectors, the use of composites has untapped potential. The Composites Alliance of RI has identified the following sectors as growth areas where the Ocean State’s expertise can be applied to create new business opportunities for composites companies.  Contact us if you’d like more information or want to become involved in our efforts to expand the use of composites in these sectors.   


Composites have strong potential in transportation infrastructure as materials with a strength-to-weight ratio that is significantly lower than traditional steel and concrete. The Composites Alliance has established a Working Group, which includes RI Department of Transportation engineers and composites experts and manufacturers, that focuses on exploring ways composites can be better utilized in infrastructure projects in Rhode Island.

  • At the Composites in Transportation Infrastructure Workshop, held in July 2016 at Roger Williams, industry experts made a series of technical presentations on the use of composites in major bridge projects across the country.  


The defense industry was an early adopter of using composites and continues to be a materials innovator. The Composites Alliance of RI is creating opportunities to better connect its members with potential business opportunities in this sector–including attending events such as Defense Innovation Days, which brings companies developing cutting-edge innovations together with policymakers who help steer the nation’s defense strategy.



  • Learn how to do business with Northrup Grumman by reviewing this PDF and visiting the company’s OASIS (Online Automated Supplier Information System) portal.


The molding freedom of composites has contributed to their popularity in decorative architectural applications, but composites in architecture extend far beyond décor into structural applications. The Composites Alliance of RI is focused on creating events and programs that can better educate architects and other design professionals about the benefits, challenges and potential applications of composites.

  • The ACMA has a number of resources on the use of composites in architectural projects, including the Guidelines & Recommended Practices for FRP Architectural Products. Click here to learn more.